We are delighted to be stocking the delightful and natural Botica Organic Bath Tea. This week we take a closer look at this lovely product and all its relaxing features available in our online gift store.

The Botica Bath Tea makes a welcome addition to any custom gift box you are creating. Whether you’re making a Birthday Box, Christmas Gift, Get Well Soon Gift or just looking for a little pamper and luxury for yourself.

Unlike most products on the market, this delightful mix of salts, flowers and seeds comes in their very own bag – aptly named Bath Tea. Just pop your bag of Bath Tea into running bathwater and leave while you soak up the beautiful aromas and healing goodness. You get to enjoy all the benefits and natural goodness without being bothered by any floating debris.

We think this amazing product makes really beautiful and relaxing gifts. We all enjoy those moments to be pampered (and often don’t have them enough) now you can enjoy a magical blend hassle free.

Botica Bath Tea is available in three mixtures, designed to help in different ways.

Soothing Bliss: This super magical blend is all about the Magnesium and its amazing benefits that is has on our body, especially when bathing in it. Magnesium Chloride is much more easily absorbed into the body than that of Epsom salt. Magnesium is known to alleviate all kinds of ailments including chronic pain, sore muscles, insomnia, and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  Also great to soak in after a hard work out! Added to help enhance this blend is Lavender along with Eucalyptus leaves which work in harmony to soothe the mind.

Blissful Minds: Developed so that you can close your eyes and let your mind drift away to where ever your heart desires. This blend includes delicate tones of Rose, Lavender, Heather & Calendula flowers, it is a gentle and delicate aroma to while away your days worries. Also added in is Bi-carb which soothes, detoxify, alkalize your body, and helps to soften dry skin.  A lovely gift that is suitable for anyone.hich soothes, detoxify, alkalize your body, and helps to soften dry skin.
A lovely gift that is suitable for anyone.

Tranquil Nights: As the name suggest this blend is all about relaxing and winding down our mind and body ready for a peaceful sleep.   You will note the soft and subtle aromas of Lavender, Calendula, Jasmine and the magical Chamomile flower in this blend.  Bi-card has also been added to help soften, soothe and help detoxify your skin as well.  This beautiful blend is a favourite for new mums as it is a lovely way to help settle and calm little ones before bed. Made from only organic ingredients there are no concerns for any nasty chemicals. A lovely blend for anybody wanting to promote a restful and peaceful sleep.

You can choose these great gift options as a box of bath tea or a little single box for the sweetest little gift surprise. The perfect present for your mum, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, boss or best friend, find these and other great gifts for her in our Australia wide online gift store.