Today's Gifting the Love is all about the little things and how the smallest of joys can turn your whole day around.

Why, what's so great about the little things? They are the little glowing gems of light we will remember as time goes by. A little thing might be having a great dinner with friends, listening to your kids laugh and play, stopping to see something beautiful in nature or the joy you felt to help someone with a simple act of kindness. It might be the unexpected surprise of a little online gift someone has sent to make you smile.

If you disregard the importance of little things what are you left with. The daily struggles, disappointments that pop up when you least expect them. Appreciating that life is made up of moments will open your eyes to all the beautiful little things that surround us each and every day. You will be able to reflect on what happened at the end of each day, and the moments that made you smile. Even if you have had a crappy day, maybe have a think about something that may have gone right. It might be as little as finding a perfect parking spot, or having time to enjoy a great coffee. Thinking of that one little joy instead of focusing on a negative moment will feel so much better.

The great thing about gifting is the joy it bring on both sides. The biggest joy is obviously the person receiving the gift, an unexpected surprise of what it could be and the lovely idea that someone has taken the time to think about you. Often we forget how good it feels to give! We share in their happiness too - that overwhelming sense of joy when you see first hand just how much your little online gift has brighten their day.

We are thrilled to be able to take the stress out of finding the perfect online gift, a little something to send without blowing the budget. For those times when you just want to give a little love, something easy, online and beautiful. Offering fast and friendly service for all our customers all over Australia, and a great speedy service for Queensland and Far North Queensland we hope you'll love our online gifts too.

Have a browse through our great online gift selection and like us on facebook or instagram to keep up to date with our ever expanding range of great gift ideas and products. You might even find a Pretty Little Something for yourself. Because, keeping yourself happy is just as important as ever. You deserve a little treat as well!

Allison - Owner Posted by Allison - Owner