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Send her a gorgeous bloom of fresh flowers, with the Sohum Chrysanthemum Cedarwick Candle. This candle is truly divine, pretty to look at and even more beautiful to smell.

Then let your whole body relax with the lovely aroma of lavender and chamomile from the luxurious eye pillow. Complete this experience of wonderfulness with the exquisite rosemary thermal balm and sweet orange lip balm by Aspar.

Sending a big warm hug has never been easier and more rejuvenating. This lovely gift is filled with four exceptionally high quality products that will have them feeling on top of the world!

Gift Box Includes:

  • Sohum Chrysanthemum Cedarwick Candle 80hrs
  • ASPAR Relaxing Lavender & Chamomile Eye Pillow
  • ASPAR Rosemary & Clove Thermal Balm 20g
  • ASPAR Sweet Orange Lip Balm 10ml
  • Gift comes beautifully presented in our specialty gift box with decorative ribbon and complimentary gift card


C H R Y S A N T H E M U M  C A N D L E   |  S O H U M
Featuring: Plum Blossoms, Tea Roses, Oolong Tea, Golden Blooms, Sugar Cubes.
Sohum wood wick candles are an alternative to the cotton wicked candles. The organic cedar wick makes a soothing crackling sound reminiscent of an open fire. A truly beautiful flame, mingled with the propriety creamy botanical wax blend make this candle a true eco delight for the candle connoisseur. The wood wick candle is housed in a lustrous handmade semi opaque white vasette. Burn Time 80hrs

L A V E N D E R  & C H A M O M I L E  |  E Y E   P I L L O W
This is your time to relax and unwind.  The beautiful aromas of lavender and chamomile allow your body to instantly relax and soothe tired eyes.  Within minutes your whole body feels calmer and stress-free. Enjoy a peaceful moment of ‘me time’ with this soft and luxurious eye pillow for the ultimate in relaxation.

R O S E M A R Y  &  C L O V E  T H  E R M A L   B A L M
An ultra soothing botanical blend of menthol and camphor balm with pure essential oils, to reduce stress in tired muscles and accelerate the body’s own repair. This instant de-stress is great for work or play. Keep it on your desk for a fast effective relief of tired muscles. Use it after a workout or yoga session for added relaxation.

S W E E T  O R A N G E  L I P  B A L M

An ultra-intensive, delectable lip treatment to nourish and seal in long lasting moisture. The sweet, uplifting aroma of orange helps to soothe and soften dry skin. Free from synthetic fragrance and colour

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